Discord launches Stage Channels, its version of Clubhouse audio rooms

Discord launches Stage Channels, its version of Clubhouse audio rooms

After hearing Discord was working on a Clubhouse-like feature, the company has introduced Stage Channels. The new feature has launched on all platforms where Discord is available, which includes Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and the web.

According to Discord, Stage Channels was developed after the platform noticed more people using voice chat in unique ways.

“As more and more of these bigger audio-centric events pop up, we realized that it can be difficult to manage organized audio events within voice channels,” Discord said.

With the launch of Stage Channels, Community servers can focus the conversation with select individuals to an audience of listeners. Discord said Stage Channels are useful for events like AMAs or interviews, reading clubs, or karaoke. “No more having people talking over each other thinking it’s their turn or that long awkward silence before someone goes ‘…oh, am I up?’”


When a Stage is setup, moderators can manage who’s speaking, and also add, remove, or mute an existing speaker. Discord said audience members can also raise their hand during an event if they want to speak.

“Whether you’re in the spotlight or in the audience, Stage channels are here to help bring everyone just a bit more closer together for audio-centric events of all varieties,” Discord said. “It’s not often we introduce a whole new type of channel into Discord — we’re stoked to see what sorts of crazy ways you utilize Stage channels.”

The launch of Discord’s latest feature arrives after other services, including Slack, Twitter, and LinkedIn, also announced Clubhouse-like features. Quite frankly it’s been astonishing to see the speed at which companies have adopted Clubhouse’s features.

Discord’s launch of Stage Channels makes the feature among the more accessible since it’s available on so many platforms. Clubhouse continues to only be available on iOS, although it’s set to launch on Android in the future.

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