Discover and Sample the Latest Billboard Music Hits with Billy

Discover and Sample the Latest Billboard Music Hits with Billy

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Music is a passion that transcends age, gender, race, culture, and geographic location. There are music fans everywhere. And unless you’re deaf, chances are that music is a significant part of your life in some form or another as well.

For most people, the main form of musical exposure comes from various facets of the media. For example, we hear songs on the radio, watch music videos on MTV, and even browse the Billboard music charts to discover new music. Unfortunately with the last option, it’s often cumbersome to get from a text list with various songs to actually being able to sample the music for yourself. This is where Billy by XDA Forum Member Vibin comes in.

Billy is an application that lets you browse the most popular pop, rock, and dance songs on the charts and then stream them directly from within the app. Music is pulled from SoundCloud, and if you are feeling particularly interested in any given song, you can even choose to watch the official YouTube music video for each of the tracks.

If you’re a music lover looking for new tunes, Billy may be just what the doctor ordered. Just make your way over to the Billy application thread to get started.