Discover XDA: Discover Greater

Discover XDA: Discover Greater

We’ve all been there at some point in our XDA lives; we used to spend hours browsing over the forums but now we seem to be stuck inside the same one device and a few software threads. I’m here today to help you out of that rut. With over 2.5 million threads, you can be sure to find a new area of interest. Even if you do not currently have an interest in some of the alternate forums, it’s not hard to find projects that can completely change your future in development.


Hardware Hacking

Of course, the main focus at XDA is software development, but that does not mean our hardware is not just as important. Taking a look over at the General thread, you quickly find everything from repairs for loose micro usb ports to the almost impossible task of upgrading your phone’s RAM. This forum is also home to several categories of hardware hacks including:

  • NFC
    – The controversial and emerging technology of NFC implants
    – NFC tag removal hacks to allow your phone to run tasks only for the duration it is in range of a tag
    Gain control of the NFC HCE controller and enable true Tap and Pay abilities for AOSP based ROMs



  • Chromecast
    – Check out this definitive guide to all things Chromecast
    – Have a question? It may have been asked in this incredibly in-depth FAQ
    – Flash a new rom to your cast, with the long developed Eureka rom


General Discussion

It’s not all about phones here, we also have a general discussion section. With the vast variety of threads, even the best of us get lost on occasion, head on over to XDA assist for help from our team of experts finding your way. Alternatively if you desire a break from developing we have an off-topic forum, featuring some bizarre and wonderful conversations, such as the three word story thread which is now at 117,000 words after five years and numerous tangents. Also found here are threads on tips for finding new TV shows and even the occasional thread requesting male fashion advice. On the more serious side of this forum you can find:

  • About XDA
    – Did you know we are in the process of building XDA one, the first XDA app built entirely in house?
    – Think you deserve to be a recognized Contributor/Themer? Apply here
    – Is XDA missing your device? There is a place you can ask for new devices to be added, that place is here.


  • Security
    – Just what is Responsible Disclosure?
    – Learn many great tips for making your devices more secure
    – And of course a great list of security contacts for some important OEMs and carriers


Of course these aren’t the only forums you may have missed out on, I frequently find new threads almost at random by simply editing the URL. All forums are represented by a number which can be found at the end of your URL shown here as “*”, try changing them to random numbers for a more adventurous experience.******

These are just the beginning of your next great discovery. Taking a stroll through some of the threads you may have never visited before can really have some great results. Finding a new project to work on or learning something entirely new could be waiting just a few forums over. Try it out, next time you head to the forums try browsing a new section for a short while, you could be surprised at what you find.

Which forum/thread do you visit that is not related to your rom/software? Leave a comment below!

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Mathew Bloomer
Mathew Bloomer

He fell in love with Android after buying a T-mobile G1 in 2008 and hasn't looked back since. He firmly believes the future of technology lies within bio-hacking and is an NFC implantee.