Discover XDA: The Senior Recognized Developers

Discover XDA: The Senior Recognized Developers

Our senior developers are experts in their respective fields across all areas of development and have been specifically recognized for their contributions to XDA. You may already be familiar with their work or have seen them around the forums. While you may not know all of them, they are an integral part of our community. We reached out to them to find out a bit more about their work and which projects they admired from here.



“Everything I do now is “behind the scenes” keeping things ticking over. In terms of my expertise, that would be in security and privacy of user data. I want to protect people’s data from apps they install, and protect their phones from malicious software.

There are a lot of projects that I like, and see great potential in. One would be XPrivacy, but it’s difficult to pick only one. It’s run by a dedicated developer, who is incredibly experienced and skilled, but it is trying to achieve difficult tasks on Android.

The piece of advice I’d give is more of a message to people thinking about the next “amazing” app idea. If you have a good idea, you should go ahead and make it. But it’s important to stand out from the crowd – services like Snapchat started off as simple ideas, but ended up ruined along the way due to simply not valuing and caring about their users, and not actually thinking about protecting people’s privacy, and negligently revealing the mappings between user names and phone numbers. Getting these things right is getting increasingly important for the future. It’s more important to ensure interoperability and reliability of things. Email is still one of the most relied-upon communications platforms. Why? Because it’s an open standard anyone can host and implement. This has been forgotten these days – Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook etc are not self-hostable, open source, and open standard. Yet to truly become huge, like Email, it’s necessary to implement and push forward these open standards.”


“Ok, let’s do this quick and dirty. 14 years ago, I did an apprenticeship in mechatronics. Which is not much help when it comes to smartphone hacking. But It is a cool hobby and I’ve learned everything by myself. My recipe is: Trial & Error until success. I am currently running projects on CM for the Honor 6, CM for the Xperia T and some hacking on the Yu Yureka. As far as other projects on XDA, I have no idea. I’m not looking at other projects. Home sweet home, job, pregnant wife and hacking are eating all of my time. But if I could instil one piece of advice in the community it is BUY NEXUS AND BE HAPPY!!! I’m using a stock Nexus 5 as main phone. No root, no hacks! Srsly!”


“I’m a mobile security researcher. I often contribute through my work, or directly to AOSP/OEMs/Carriers to make Android safer. On the side, I like to occasionally hack random android phones. I am currently involved in several projects however I cannot discuss them. Other Projects on XDA? Android itself! My piece of advice is READ, READ, Ask Questions, READ, READ and ask some more. Don’t just beg for help, learn and contribute.”


“In XDA scope – I’m specializing in any kind of low-level assembly and disassembly. That is bootloader developing and hacking. Privately I’m majoring in Electronics Engineering and I’m currently working as Software Developer. However, I’m more of an inactive SRD at this moment as I don’t have as much time and will as I used to dedicate it for XDA. I am not working on anything strictly XDA related ATM. I’m still somewhat looking after Badadroid repos  but I’m not involved in development anymore.

Actually I consider Badadroid as one of my greatest successes. Not just in that the project itself was really big and pretty successful, but also Volk204 came on board there as a pretty much greenhorn with just general knowledge about programming, and I spent really hundreds of hours working with him on the project as he had two of the most important things IMO – time and motivation. Now Volk204 is a fully capable RD and maintains the project by himself. For other people’s projects again, I’m not really up to date nowadays. However, I love to read about ANY kind of HW mods (as in electronics mods, not stuff like modifying the phone case, duh).

As for advice I wanted to say “Use the f**king search button”… but that’s so yesterday!
a) Remember the electronic devices are just tools, what really counts is what’s in your head. That allows you to REALLY use these tools to do awesome things.
b) Don’t be afraid to play with any kind of hardware. It’s just an expendable stuff that can be easily replaced. Experience and knowledge stays for life. And these are worked out in big part from mistakes.
c) Do your research. Google and Wikipedia are awesome tools. Just remember to use your brain.”


“My real name is Jesse and my area of expertise has always been porting and rom making. I used to be way more active on the forums with lots of threads and builds, but here recently I have been super busy with my family and playing guitar at church. I am an apple master technician at my job and am in the process of starting my own company iRepair. I have been behind the scenes for a year or so helping developers like baadnewz, team venom and the renovate guys port over to verizon m8 and m7. I am currently using the galaxy s6 edge for Verizon but currently there isn’t root for the device so I’m kind of stuck till we get root. I think lots of the SRD guys have threads with HUGE potential Chainfire has the best root application of all time and jacse is a master at exploiting android! I have been with the xda community for a long time now and love it here, I can’t think of much I would actually want to change.”



Some of our Senior Recognized Developers have even acquired a minor Android celebrity status for their work. Users such as Chainfire and Rovo89 have done incredible things for the community. I’m sure that the majority of readers will have used or know of their contributions and so I shall refrain from going in-depth on their usage and keep this as succinct as possible, the figures however speak for themselves.

Chainfire is the developer behind the app SuperSU (among many) which “allows for advanced management of Superuser access rights for all the apps on your device that need root” which on the Play Store alone has received over 10,000,000 installs (and less than 50,000,000 – thank you for the concise range there Google) and from his own website close to 30,000,000 downloads. Even taking in to account multiple installs/downloads due to the nature of our community, that is an incredible amount.

Rovo89 is the developer responsible for the Xposed Framework “for modules that can change the behavior of the system and apps without touching any APKs.” According to the download server provided by XDA, Xposed has had a total close to 3,450,000 downloads of which 14,000 of those have been in the last 24 hours.

These are by no means our only Senior Recognized Developers and all have been chosen for their active and constant contributions to the community. If you see them around the site be sure to check out their work.

Which of our SRDs do you see about the site most? What do you think to their work? Leave a comment below!

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