[Discussion] Display holes, slider phones, or notches: What trend will dominate 2019?

[Discussion] Display holes, slider phones, or notches: What trend will dominate 2019?

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It has been nearly two years since manufacturers started racing to make a truly bezel-less device. As you may have already figured, packing in the camera, microphone, speakers, accelerometer, and other kinds of components, is not so easy in a phone without bezels. That’s why OEMs came up with notches – a temporary workaround while they figure out how to use remove bezels and still keep the necessary front components. Nearly every smartphone manufacturer went with a unique way of implementing a notch or similar workaround to make the most use of the screen.

Let’s start with Apple. Now, I know, XDA Developers is an Android-focused website, but this article couldn’t be written without mentioning one of the first manufacturers to ever implement notch. Despite that the notch takes a fairly big piece of top part of the screen, Apple had to fold the AMOLED screen to cut the bezel at the bottom. Things are easier on Essential’s side, as Essential PH-1 (which came before the iPhone X) features both bottom-bezel and a notch. Manufacturers like OnePlus and Huawei decided to go with the ‘teardrop’ style notch on their flagship devices.

There are also other ways of removing bezels. Chinese manufacturers Xiaomi and Vivo use slider technology to reveal the camera and other essential sensors at users’ needs. This way, the user can show and hide the camera with a simple mechanical gesture. Samsung also found a unique way. For years, they never ever used a notch on any of their devices. Samsung always used symmetrical yet slim bezels on their smartphones. But, now they showed off notch designs and decided to cut a hole in a display to reveal the camera.

Whether you like similar techniques or not, you gotta admit that the trend of cutting the bezels as much as possible gave manufacturers an ability to stay unique. Currently, we have 3 most popular methods: display notch, slider/pop-up camera, and display hole. Which one do you prefer above all? Which trend do you think will dominate 2019? Let us know in the comments.