Dish unveils new plans for Boost Mobile starting at $35

Dish unveils new plans for Boost Mobile starting at $35

One of the stipulations for the Sprint/T-Mobile merger to be approved was that Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Sprint’s prepaid business needed to be sold. Amazon was reportedly interested, but Dish Network eventually agreed to make the deal. Dish officially takes over starting today and they’ve announced new plans for Boost Mobile.

All of the aforementioned prepaid carriers now live under the Boost Mobile brand. To kick things off, Dish is trimming down Boost Mobile’s plans from three to two. The “$hrink-It!” plan offers 15GB of data for $45 per month and it can drop $5 in price after 3-6 weeks of on-time payments. The second plan offers 10GB of data and unlimited talk/text for $35 and no payment incentives.


Boost Mobile’s previous three plans were priced at $35, $50, and $60. The cheapest plan had caps on high-speed data and video streaming. The more expensive plans removed the caps and increased video streaming quality. We don’t have all the technical details for Dish’s new plans, but they seem to offer better value.

Dish also announced some updates on its 5G progress. It will be using Fujitsu for radio units and Altiostar and Mavenir for cloud-native, Open RAN software. As previously disclosed in the merger details, T-Mobile is also required to give Dish “robust” access to its network for 7 years while Dish builds out its own 5G network.

The new Boost Mobile plans will be available for customers starting tomorrow, July 2nd.

Source: Dish | Via: Android Police

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