DishTV SMRT Hub Hybrid Set Top Box with Android TV 9.0 launched in India

DishTV SMRT Hub Hybrid Set Top Box with Android TV 9.0 launched in India

At a time when more and more people are canceling their cable TV subscriptions in favor of streaming services, DishTV India has launched a new range of smart connected devices in the country. With its new Dish SMRT Hub and SMRT Kit, the company aims to eliminate the hassle of switching between cable TV and OTT apps.

Dish SMRT Hub Hybrid Set Top Box with Android TV

The Dish SMRT Hub is a new set-top box from the company which is powered by Android TV 9.0 and comes with the Google Play Store and Google Assistant preinstalled. It will not only allow users to watch cable TV over the Dish network but also help them download popular streaming apps like YouTube and Amazon Prime Video to stream content directly. Additionally, Dish claims that users will also be able to download Android games on to the hub and enjoy them on their TV. However, it isn’t clear whether this feature will require users to purchase a separate gamepad or if it’ll work with the included remote.


The new Dish SMRT Hub will be made available at a price of ₹3,999 (~$56) for new subscribers while existing DishTV subscribers will be able to purchase it for ₹2,499 (~$35). The company claims that the set-top box will work with any TV and will include support for OTT platforms like Watcho, ZEE5, Amazon Prime Video, Voot, AltBalaji, YouTube and more.

Dish SMRT Kit

In case you’re not interested in purchasing a new set-top box, Dish is also offering a SMRT Kit which will allow users to convert their existing set-top box into a smart OTT device. The SMRT Kit, which is essentially an Amazon Alexa powered Wi-Fi dongle and a Bluetooth remote can be used with any existing DishTV set-top box.

Thanks to the Alexa support, the conversion kit will give users access to thousands of Alexa skills, allowing them to book cabs, get the latest news, set reminders, or stream videos right from their TV. Since Alexa recently received support for bilingual conversations in India, this feature is expected to appeal to a wide user base. The new Dish SMRT Kit has been priced at ₹1,199 (~$17) and is only available for existing DishTV subscribers.

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