Display Your Device Electric Current with CurrentWidget

Display Your Device Electric Current with CurrentWidget

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If you’re interested in how much electric current your device is using from the battery or receiving from the charger, take a look at CurrentWidget. It may sound odd, but actually the widget can be used to monitor the currents of different builds as suggested by XDA forum member Matzemink.

The XDA member came across the widget and thought it was so useful that he posted the apk in the forums. Developed by Ran Manor, CurrentWidget refreshes at up to 30 second intervals.  If you want to check the standby current, you can set the update interval to 1 minutes and leave your Android device for 10 minutes to check the standby current.

You must unplug the charger and it seems that a working battery driver is also required.

To try out CurrentWidget and post your results, check out the discussion thread. CurrentWidget is also available for free in the Market, and a Donate version is also available.