Does the Dell Latitude 5430 have 5G? What about LTE?

Does the Dell Latitude 5430 have 5G? What about LTE?

Business laptops are known for a few things – they run Pro versions of Windows, they often have Intel vPro processors, and they may have extra features like privacy displays. Another thing business laptops tend to do well is connectivity, with multiple ports and cellular network support often being available. With Dell recently introducing the new Latitude 5430 as one of its most configurable laptops, you may be wondering if it gives you the option for cellular support, specifically 5G. Unfortunately, it doesn’t but you do have the option for LTE.

The Dell Latitude 5430 can be configured with an Intel XMM 7360 modem, and, in the US, it’s compatible with T-Mobile, AT&T, or Verizon. This isn’t the fastest LTE modem out there, but it should be enough for basic use. Dell says it supports up to LTE Cat9 speeds, which means download speeds up to 450Mbps and uploads up to 55Mbps. Adding LTE support to the Dell Latitude 5430 will set you back around $160, barring any discounts that may be applied.


What is 5G, and do you need it on the Latitude 5430?

Just as any other kind of technology, cellular networks have evolved over time, and 5G is the latest major version of it. Cellular networks are primarily designed for phones – they allow you to make phone calls, send SMS messages, and access the internet from just about anywhere. With 5G being the latest version, it should give you the fastest speeds possible, though we’re still relatively early into the 5G era, and you won’t necessarily see a huge difference from LTE, the previous generation.

There are two big reasons why you might want cellular network support on your laptop. First, just like with phones, cellular networks let you connect to the internet from almost anywhere, so even if you’re away from buildings and any kind of Wi-Fi, you can keep working using the cellular connection.

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The second reason is security. If you’ve ever been working at a café or an airport using public Wi-Fi, you should know there’s a significant risk in doing so. Public Wi-Fi networks leave you exposed to attacks within the network, and your data could be visible to other people. If you work with confidential information, it’s a huge risk. Cellular networks let you bypass insecure Wi-Fi networks and keep working with peace of mind, which is why it’s such a popular feature on business laptops.

Those benefits also apply with LTE networks, so you don’t need 5G for that. The reason why you might want 5G specifically is for the faster speeds, and if you’re interested in that, you’ll have to look elsewhere. We have a list of the best 5G laptops if you’re keen on one of those.

And that’s all you need to know about 5G and cellular network support on the Dell Latitude 5430. While 5G itself isn’t supported, you can get it with an LTE modem if you want to connect to the internet without needing Wi-Fi. It’s not as fast, but the main benefits are still there. If you’re interested, you can buy the Latitude 5430 below.

    The Dell Latitude 5430 is a configurable business laptop with 12th-generation Intel processors and other powerful specs. It also gives you the option for LTE connectivity.

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