Does the Dell XPS 13 (2022) have a good warranty?

Does the Dell XPS 13 (2022) have a good warranty?

Dell recently launched the XPS 13 2022 model, and it comes with a few big changes. It has a brand-new design, it comes in new colors, and it has upgraded Intel processors. One thing hasn’t changed, though, and that’s the fact that this is one of the best laptops out there. It’s going to cost you quite a bit, and if you’re spending that much, you want to make sure your investment is protected. So, is the warranty service any good with the Dell XPS 13? Yes, depending on how much you’re willing to spend.

By default, Dell gives you the minimum warranty required by law – that’s one year of Premium Support, as Dell calls it. This gives you access to repair services at your location, hardware support, and even includes support while traveling internationally. However, there’s a bit more to it.


Dell XPS 13 (2022) warranty options

So, out of the box, you get one year of premium support with the Dell XPS 13, but there are warranty extension options. You can extend the duration of the Premium Support period up to four years. Barring ongoing sales, these are the prices for the warranty extension:

Premium Support duration Price
1 year Included in price
2 years $149
3 years $249
4 years $349

One thing that’s not included in Premium Support is coverage for accidental damage, such as spills and drops. However, you can get this as an add-on to the Premium Support plan. Here’s how much it costs:

Accidental damage service duration Price
1 year $79
2 years $119
3 years $149
4 years $179

The accidental damage service has to last as long as the Premium Support service, so you can’t have one longer than the other, unless you opt out of the accidental damage service entirely.

Dell Premium Support Plus

There’s another warranty option for the Dell XPS 13, and that’s Dell Premium Support Plus. This includes all the benefits of the standard Premium Support, the accidental damage service, and a few extra benefits. Features like parental controls, automatic virus and malware removal, and the ability to “fix problems before they happen” are all included, making this a far more wide-ranging coverage. Here are the prices if you want to go this route:

Premium Support Plus duration Price
1 year $149
2 years $249
3 years $399
4 years $549

There’s also another option if you want to get Premium Support Plus. Instead of a one-time payment upfront, you can get it as a monthly subscription. That will set you back $14.99 per month, and you can cancel anytime. If you cancel before the end of the first year, you still get the full one-year Premium Support service (from the date of purchase).

And that’s about it for all you need to know about the warranty service for the 2022 Dell XPS 13. The default is a fairly standard warranty service, but if you’re willing to pay extra, there are some great upgrade options that can give you additional peace of mind.

If you haven’t yet, you can buy the Dell XPS 13 (2022) below. This is one of the best Dell laptops for this year, and if you want something ultra-portable, it’s certainly a fantastic option.

    The new Dell XPS 13 comes with a complete redesign, coming in Sky and Umber colors. It also gives you a few warranty options in case you want to protect your investment.

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