Does the HP Spectre x360 (2022) have a good webcam?

Does the HP Spectre x360 (2022) have a good webcam?

HP recently introduced the latest iteration of its Spectre x360 laptops, and with it come a few changes to the internals. Between the new processors and tweaked designs, the new laptops look better than ever, and considering they’re already building on some of the best laptops on the market, that’s a big deal. But one thing that some of the previous models didn’t quite get right was the webcam, which just wasn’t great. So, is the webcam on the 2022 HP Spectre x360 any good? Actually yes, it’s fantastic.

Most of the previous models of the HP Spectre x360 were still using a 720p camera, and to make matters worse, HP touted using a tiny 2.2mm sensor for the webcam, which meant there wasn’t a whole lot of light coming in. However, with the HP Spectre x360 16 in 2021, HP used a 5MP webcam, and now, that’s available on both of this year’s models. You’re going to get a great experience with both of these.


HP Spectre x360 (2022) webcam and features

We can take a closer look at the webcam inside of these laptops to learn what they’re all about. As we’ve said, they’re using a 5MP camera, but they actually record 1080p video, making these some of the best laptops with a 1080p webcam.

That’s because it’s not just about the resolution – HP has built in a few features under the HP Presence and HP GlamCam brands that make video and voice calls even better. For starters, there are features like auto framing and backlight adjustment for video. That way, if you move around while you’re on a call, the camera can follow and keep you in focus. Plus, you’ll stay visible even in conditions where the backlight may not be ideal. If you still don’t like how you look, the laptops include filters for the webcam, so you can make adjustments to your skin, teeth, and eyes to look even better on camera.

Woman standing in front of HP Spectre x360 16

HP Spectre x360 16 (2021)

On top of all that, the camera also includes Windows Hello facial recognition, just as previous models did. That means you can sign in easily just by looking at your camera, which is super convenient.

There are also features to improve audio quality in calls, too. Dynamic voice leveling should help you be audible as you move around the room, and bi-directional AI noise reduction is also available, making voices the center of attention, instead of whatever is happening in the background.

Still need more?

We’d say the vast majority of people will be very happy with the webcam quality on the HP Spectre x360 (2022), but there may be situations where it’s still not good enough. We’d say the situation where that’s most likely to happen is if you want to stream games online, which is something people usually do in dark rooms. If you need a webcam that lights you up in those cases, something like the Razer Kiyo webcam might do the trick for you, since it has a built-in ring light.

    The Razer Kiyo is a solid 1080p webcm with a ring light built right in, so it can keep you clerly visible in dark rooms.

Otherwise, you can always check out our list of the best external webcams out there if you want to see some other options.

If you haven’t yet, you can buy the HP Spectre x360 2022 models below. The laptop comes in both 13.5-inch and 16-inch models, which also have different internals to suit your needs. The smaller model is not as powerful but it’s better for portability, and the opposite is true with the larger one. Both have the same fantastic webca, though.

    The 2022 HP Spectre x360 13.5 has a 3:2 display and 12th-generation Intel processors with 10 cores and 12 threads.
    The HP Spectre x360 comes with a large 16:10 display and it gives you the choice between 28W and 45W processors depending on your needs.

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