Does the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro support Thunderbolt 4?

Does the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro support Thunderbolt 4?

Samsung recently announced the Galaxy Book 2 Pro series of laptops, and it’s a solid improvement over last year’s models, which were already some of the best lightweight laptops around. The new laptops come with Intel’s 12th-generation P-series processors for more performance, but they’re still thin and light devices. While some things have changed with the new models, ports have mostly been kept the same, so yes, the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro has Thunderbolt 4 support.

That goes for all the models in the series. Whether you want the standard Galaxy Book 2 Pro or the Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360, you’ll get exactly one Thunderbolt 4 port. Other ports are a bit different, though. The clamshell variant has a USB Type-A port and HDMI, while the convertible replaces both of them with standard USB Type-C ports. Still, you have options.


What is Thunderbolt 4 and do I need it on the Galaxy Book 2 Pro?

Thunderbolt 4 is a protocol developed by Intel that provides a ton of bandwidth over a USB Type-C port. It’s very useful for laptops because you can connect a Thunderbolt dock to add a ton of ports to your laptop while only taking up one port on the laptop itself. Thunderbolt 4 can also carry display signals (it supports two 4K displays at 60Hz), and power to charge your laptop, so a single port can connect just about anything you want, as long as you have a dock, at least. We recommend the one below:

    The Kensington SD5600T dock supports the full 40Gbps of bandwidth of Thunderbolt 4 and gives you a ton of ports including USB Type-A, multple display outputs and Ethernet.

In the case of the Galaxy Book 2 Pro, Thunderbolt 4 isn’t your only option for connecting some external peripherals. You do get a USB Type-A port, which is still very common for accessories like mice, and you can also connect a display via HDMI. On the Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360, it’s a bit more useful, since all the included ports are USB Type-C. But if a Thunderbolt dock is too expensive for you, and you don’t need a ton of ports, there are also many USB-C adapters you can use with these laptops, and they’re much cheaper. Any standard USB-C adapter will work with a Thunderbolt port, but Thunderbolt docks won’t work with any USB-C port.

Thunderbolt 4 is also useful if you’re interested in gaming because it lets you connect external GPUs to your laptop. With a laptop like the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro, it would be impossible to fit a powerful graphics card inside while keeping the lightweight design, but Thunderbolt helps with that. Using an external GPU like the Razer Core X Chroma, you can get the power of a desktop GPU by just plugging in a cable. That way, your laptop can be your gaming PC when you’re at home, but it’s still thin and light so you can take it anywhere.

If you’re interested in buying the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro series, you can pre-order it today. In the meantime, you can check out the best Thunderbolt 4 laptops you can buy right now. If Thunderbolt isn’t a requirement, we also have a list of the best laptops overall – though most of them still support Thunderbolt.

    The Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro is an extremely thin and light laptop, but it still comes with 12th-gen Intel processors.
    The Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 is an extremely thin and light convertible, but it still comes with powerful 12th-gen Intel processors and a stunning AMOLED display.

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