Domotz Partners with Fing to Bring Professional Network Monitoring to your Home or Business

Domotz Partners with Fing to Bring Professional Network Monitoring to your Home or Business

We handle so much of our personal and professional lives online nowadays that there are an incredibly large amount of vectors for someone to intrude and steal your private data. As more and more users are taking control of their personal information by only dealing with secure websites, using two-factor authentication wherever possible, using VPNs, avoiding public WiFi networks, or whatever other security measures you can take we’re slowly working to protect ourselves in more ways. But there’s one area that many people assume is safe without ever really verifying as such – your home network. If someone were to gain access to the data transmitted on your home network, they could steal a staggering amount of sensitive data such as your social media accounts, online banking details, or investment accounts.

For the technologically savvy among us who flash custom firmware on their routers such as OpenWrt, you’re probably already adequately monitoring who gets onto your network (or segregating your own private network with a guest network) but for most people out there you’re only using one network. Businesses have had network monitoring services for years now, so why can’t you? Fortunately, you can, and that’s exactly the aim for network monitoring and remote technical support service ‘Domotz‘ which allows you to monitor a single network for $2.99 a month.

Professional Monitoring for Personal Use

While primarily aimed towards installation by technical support businesses such as Geek Squad, the service can be utilized by anyone looking to beef up their home network security. All you need is the Domotz Agent installed onto a compatible piece of hardware (such as Raspberry Pi) or home NAS and the monitoring service is up and running. You can then use the service’s Android application to monitor all connected devices on your network and perform a variety of actions on the device. For instance, you can remote control a Windows PC over the Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol or even power on/off smart devices such as lights that are connected to the network. You can set up alerts to monitor when devices connect/disconnect from your network, allowing you to keep track of important events such as when your security camera is offline or your garage opens while you’re away.

Domotz, now Powered by Fing


Domotz used their own network scanning technologies to detect all devices running on your home network. As with every technology, there can always be improvements so Domotz is partnering with Fing and will now utilize their technology in network scanning. Fing is already used by millions of people to evaluate devices on your home network, and by partnering with Domotz your ability to control these devices will be enhanced. In a press release, the companies have announced that they will continue working on the existing Fing app as well as new monitoring services for home and professional use. We’re in a never ending battle to protect our own private data from outside intruders, so if home network monitoring is on your plate then Domotz would like you to consider using their services to simplify the process.

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