Don’t Overlook Security When it Comes to your Email

Don’t Overlook Security When it Comes to your Email

Security might not be something that you think about too much when setting up a new email account. The average person can easily set up an account with one of the larger providers and not think twice about encryption or privacy. For anyone that’s a little more security-conscious, it’s important to know that your email provider is going to keep your online communications safe.

To have a truly secure email provider, you need something that offers reliable end-to-end encryption, user control over your data, an open-source system, and a third-party auditing system to verify all of these features. ProtonMail is a service that combines these crucial security features with an easy user interface and a variety of tools to help you better navigate your inbox. . It’s trusted by journalists and activists everywhere to exchange sensitive information, even being cited by the United Nations. With both free and paid plans, it’s easy to get set up with a ProtonMail account in a few minutes.


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Extensive Third-party Security Audit

Recently, ProtonMail underwent a rigorous security audit by Securitum. This audit tested all aspects of ProtonMail’s security claims to ensure that your data is being dealt with in the way that the company advertises. The report shows that ProtonMail scored extremely well with their security.


Rather than relying on secrecy to protect our code, we believe in security through transparency, which means we:

  • Make all our apps open source to leverage the expertise of IT security experts and the Proton community
  • Commission independent security experts to conduct regular audits of our code
  • Share the audit reports with the public


In addition to embracing audits like this, ProtonMail is also an open-source system. This level of transparency is why the service is trusted by so many security-conscious users. By having the open-source code, you can know exactly what type of tools you’re using with your email, and have peace of mind that no hidden features can be implemented to track or log your data.

Automatic Email Encryption

Your email inbox is a gateway your social media, bank accounts, cloud storage, and more. If an attacker is able to see your messages, they can potentially gain access to any online account registered with that email address. The best way to prevent this from happening is to use an email service with automatic encryption.

An encrypted email app is one of the most powerful ways to secure your everyday data because it applies automatic encryption to every email you send and receive. It ensures that you are the only one with access to your inbox, and it lets you send emails that only you and your recipients can read.


ProtonMail Encryption

Many users might be under the impression that this is the normal way that emails are sent across any provider. The truth is that many email apps lack even the most basic security features, and leave you vulnerable to surveillance.

An encrypted email app like ProtonMail ensures that everything in your inbox can only be seen by you, and outgoing emails can only be seen by the recipient. The encryption and decryption process is handled automatically, so you can use the app just like any other. All of the security features happen silently in the background.

Try ProtonMail with a Free Account

ProtonMail has a few different subscription options, beginning with a free plan. Try ProtonMail and see how simple and effective it is as an email service. Consider getting the ProtonMail Plus plan starting at 4.00€ per month if you’re really serious about enhancing your email security. With this plan you’ll have access to the following features:

  •  5 GB storage
  •  Send up to 1000 messages per day
  •  Labels, Custom Filters, and Folders
  •  Send encrypted messages to external recipients
  •  Use your own domain (ex: [email protected])
  •  Up to 5 email aliases
  •  Priority Customer Support
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