DOOGEE Launches Kickstarter for Digital Walkie-talkie Module for the S90

DOOGEE Launches Kickstarter for Digital Walkie-talkie Module for the S90

Ever found yourself in a situation where your smartphone has no network and you really have to get in touch with someone nearby? The solution for this would be a walkie-talkie feature you could use from your phone. DOOGEE S90’ walkie-talkie module is here to improve outdoor instant communication, while you’re hiking, camping, ect. The world’s first modular phone includes not one but four modules that are very handy in an outdoor environment. The DOOGEE S90 is currently available at Kickstarter where the crowdfunding has surpassed $10K in only three minutes and reached $120K in just 24 hours.


Versatile Modules

DOOGEE has grown to be a premium and professional rugged phone manufacturer, and the DOOGEE S90 is their latest product set for launching this January. The modules will include the walkie-talkie, night vision camera module, power module and gamepad module. DOOGEE says the S90 promises to be the most versatile smartphone ever made. It is powered by Helio P60 processor by MediaTek paired with 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM.

Magnetic Connection Points

The modules are separate accessories that are connected to the smartphone through 16 magnetic metal points placed on the rear of the phone. The magnetic force holds the selected module in place while the metal points act as data transmission points to and from the module. The magnetic point absorption ensures that the user only spends 1-2 seconds to switch to a certain module.

Features of The Two-way Radio Module And Its Usability

As expressed above, it is very easy to switch between the phone and the digital walkie-talkie at anytime. This is mostly useful in expeditions and outdoor events that require zero-delay communication.
The walkie-talkie module has a digital real-time intercom network with a range of 5-10km. This makes it a very reliable two-way radio for team coordination in construction sites, event coordination companies, and production plants involving multiple people. When it comes to no-network areas, users can turn the S90 into intercom mode at once and enjoy unaltered communication. The walkie-talkie intercom mode is key to outdoor explorers on very remote trails, miners below network signals, and mountain climbers on high altitudes with no cellular reception.

The digital walkie-talkie module makes the DOOGEE S90 the safest, most reliable, and most convenient device for real-time communication. DOOGEE has proved their expertise and superiority as a professional rugged phone manufacturer for outdoor, unhindered, instant communication with previous device models like the S70 and S80. Now with their pioneer S90 modular rugged smartphone, expectations have been exceeded.

Mass production is already to be commenced on this ideal rugged modular smartphone. You can now order the phone from the Kickstarter at an early bird price.

Kickstarter Link
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