The Doogee Mix 2 Hands-On (Four-cameras, 6GB RAM)

The Doogee Mix 2 Hands-On (Four-cameras, 6GB RAM)

We did a previous hands-on with the original Doogee Mix and were impressed by the bezel-less display at such a low price. Now Doogee gives us the Doogee Mix 2, featuring an upgraded display and some pretty impressive specs, all for just $199.

The Doogee Mix 2 in the retail box

The 5.99″ display on the Doogee Mix 2 has an 18:9 Aspect Ratio

The upgraded screen is now at an 18:9 aspect ratio with a 1080×2160 resolution. The corners of the screen are rounded off, which give the front of the phone a unique look that fits well with the overall design.

We were surprised to find facial recognition was a feature in the Doogee MIX 2. Now you can use your face to unlock your phone, using the front facing camera. This is the fastest ways to unlock the MIX 2.

The Doogee MIX 2 comes in a metallic blue color (gold and black are also available) which is pretty stunning, especially when the light hits the back or beveled edges.

The Doogee MIX 2 features a USB Type-C port

The design of the MIX 2 features a bold metallic blue color that is extremely reflective. It has a bit of a mirror quality to it which gives it a great effect. The bevels of the phone are slightly sloped to the edge making every corner and edge of the phone rounded off.

The rear camera has 16MP+13MP sensors

The selfie camera has 8MP+8MP sensors

You can find many budget phones with dual rear cameras, but it’s very interesting to see the MIX 2 comes with dual selfie cameras as well. The rear camera has 16MP+13MP sensors and the selfie camera has 8MP+8MP sensors. The second camera on the front allows for 2x optical zoom.

On top of all this, the MIX 2 comes with the HelioP25 chipset and 6GB of RAM. You’ll keep your phone powered with a long lasting 4060mAh battery.

Doogie Mix 2 Specs
Display 18:9/ 5.99″/ 1080x2160p
CPU Helio P25
Camera (rear) 16MP+13MP (front) 8MP+8MP
Battery 4060mAh
OS Android 7.1

The Doogee MIX¬† 2 is a great phone for $199. If you’re looking for a phone with a great display, a unique design, and powerful specs, check out the MIX 2 using the link below.

Get the Doogee Mix 2
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