Military Standard Rugged Phone, DOOGEE S55 Is on the Road

Military Standard Rugged Phone, DOOGEE S55 Is on the Road

For those of you that often find yourselves in environments that constantly expose your phone to complex or extreme conditions, a military-standard smartphone is a must-have. Recently, the number of rugged phone brands is increasing, and DOOGEE is offering a military-grade phone called the S55 (IP68). This new phone combines great performance with a rugged build and a business style.

IP68 and Big Battery

The S series of DOOGEE has established a trusted reliability thanks to the previous S60 and S50.

With the S55, you can expect the highest IP68 rating for water-resistance and dust-resistance, to challenge extreme cold or heat conditions. The phone will still function at 1.5m underwater for 24 hours. You also don’t have to worry about your phone being damaged by thick dust. These features should be counted as the most essential features for adventure enthusiasts. Compared to other rugged phones, the S55 has a much larger battery capacity of 5500mAh. This battery is able to hold 700 hours of standby time.


Water-resistant S55

Basic Configuration

Besides the waterproof and dustproof design, the specs are also pretty impressive for a rugged device. The S55 has a camera with 13.0MP plus 8.0MP sensors for your photos. The MTK6750T octa-core CPU is combined with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. The 5.5″ display has an HD+ resolution with an 18:9 aspect ratio. Images displayed on the phone should be clear and vivid.

The S55 Lite version will carry dual VoLTE to provide higher quality calls and reliable signal coverage. When you are making a call, another SIM card is still on standby with 4G cellular connection.

Dust-resistant S55

As a rugged phone designed for extreme conditions, the navigation tools like GPS, GLONASS, Compass, Geomagnetism and Gyroscope are essential features that are included in the S55. With the S55, DOOGEE is offering a fantastic rugged solution for people who need a smartphone in a extreme conditions.

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