Doom Slayers Collection for Nintendo Switch gets its first discount at $42 ($8 off)

Doom Slayers Collection for Nintendo Switch gets its first discount at $42 ($8 off)

Five Doom games in one package

The Doom series is one of the best (and most influential) collections of video games ever, spanning from the first 1993 game for MS-DOS to 2020’s Doom Eternal. Slowly but surely, Bethesda has been updating the whole series to work on the current generation of game consoles, and in case you don’t want to buy all of them individually, the Doom Slayers Collection was released last month. The Nintendo Switch version of the bundle is now on sale for the first time, dropping the price to $42 ($8 off).

The Doom Slayers Collection contains five games: Doom I, Doom II, Doom 64, Doom 3, and Doom (2016). In the case of the Nintendo Switch version, the actual game cartridge only contains Doom 2016. All the others have to be downloaded, totaling to around 10GB, minus whatever updates/fixes might roll out in the future to Doom (2016).

    The Nintendo Switch version of the Doom Slayers Collection, which includes five Doom games, is now on sale for $42. That's $8 below the original price, and the collection has only been available for a month.

The only game you’re missing out on with this package is Doom Eternal, which arrived on the Switch at the end of last year, and is only available digitally. Bethesda just couldn’t fit all those demons into a physical cartridge, apparently.

Doom I and II are the games that started it all, and the updated versions available on the Switch have a few modern enhancements and additional level packs available to download for free (similar to WADs on the original PC release). Doom 64 is a bit different, as it was originally developed by Midway Games, instead of Id Software. Doom 3 is the first reboot with a greater emphasis on horror, and 2016’s Doom is another reboot that returns to the older fast-paced gameplay.

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