DotOS 5.2 adds new features inspired by Android 12, including wallpaper-based theming and more

DotOS 5.2 adds new features inspired by Android 12, including wallpaper-based theming and more

Last month, developers behind the DotOS custom ROM project teased a new Android 12-based dynamic theming engine for their upcoming release. The much-awaited new release — DotOS 5.2 — is finally here and besides the marquee system-wide theming system, it brings along several new features and changes including the redesigned Settings dashboard, a new Gaming Mode, a new Battery Manager app, new clock widgets, and much more.

The biggest highlight of DotOS 5.2 is of course the MonteWannabe 2.2 theming system which is inspired by Android 12’s new theming engine code-named “monet”. The new theming engine, based on kdrag0n’s powerful zcam-based color generation engine and Quinny899’s MonetCompact support library, is now able to apply dynamic theming to more parts of the system UI than the previous version.


DotOS 5.2's MonetWannabe theming engine

Next up, DotOS 5.2 is adding a dedicated Gaming Mode inspired by Android 12’s Game Dashboard. When enabled, the Gaming Mode blocks out notifications and provides in-game controls for taking screenshots and initiating screen recording.

Gaming Mode in DotOS 5.2

The latest release also adds a new Battery Manager app based on Buoy and offers several battery profiles to maximize your battery life.

Battery Manager app in DotOS 5.2

Finally, DotOS 5.2 is adding new Android 12-style clock widgets along with a revamped Settings page.

The DotOS 5.2 release is now rolling out for officially supported devices. To see if your device is supported, check out the DotOS downloads page.

The complete changelog for the DotOS 5.2 release is as follows:

DotOS 5.2 changelog

  • September Security patches (Android11 r45)
  • Fixed SystemUI crash when device is in landscape.
  • Removed colored statusbar icons feature
  • Added new APNs.
  • Fixed OTA incompatibility issue
  • Updated translations from crowdin
  • UI/UX improvements
  • Stability and underhood improvements
  • Improved Brightness levels for Oneplus devices

MonetWannabe 2.2

  • Rebased theme engine to latest kdrag0n’s ZCAM implementation (Way better color generation)
  • Added Wallpaper Color picker support
  • Added Theme Colorfulness control
  • Added Theme Brightness control
  • Added independent Palette of colors for both homescreen and lockscreen wallpapers
  • Added support for global Monet support (Customizations, Settings, SystemUI, core elements etc)
  • Cleaned-up code
  • Moved color generation to SystemUI thread

Revamped Customizations app

  • Almost completely redesigned to ensure a better UX
  • Implemented Wallpaper Scheduling
  • Added Monet support

Added ‘Game Dashboard’

  • Implemented Gaming Mode but with a better UI and UX
  • Implemented an early version of ‘Quick Control’ a floating pill with handy controls while you’re gaming

Added Battery Manager

  • Initially based on Buoy – a battery saver profile customization app
  • Moved here everything that’s battery related
  • Added Battery Saver Profiles
  • Added Battery Saver Profile customization
  • Added Smart Charge
  • Added Smart Cut-off


  • Added Privacy Dashboard
  • Added Monet support
  • Redesigned Dark Mode preview
  • Redesigned Dashboard icons
  • Slightly improved About Device Cards
  • Fixed scroll issues in some parts of the Settings


  • Added low resolution Screen Recording option
  • Added Partial screenshot
  • Added Compass Quick Settings Tile
  • Added Reboot, Recovery, Power Off Quick Settings Tile
  • Fixed lag when using ‘Data Usage’ option in QSPanel
  • Removed drag pill in QSPanel
  • Implemented A12 Beta 4 Media Control Panel
  • Added monet support for notifications and qs buttons
  • Improved space in Collapsed QSPanel and in Customizer (add/remove/move tiles menu)
  • Implemented A12 Pin/Model Lockscreen security design (+monet support)
  • Implemented new A12 like default Lockscreen Clock
  • Rebased FOD implementation for better stability
  • Redesigned Volume Panel for monet support
  • Redesigned Quick Panels for monet support

System Updates

  • Added monet support
  • Added device changelog support

Permission Dialogs

  • Slightly improved design
  • Added monet support

AOSP Calculator

  • Redesigned and added monet support

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