Double Sided Curved Samsung “S6 Edge” Rumored

Double Sided Curved Samsung “S6 Edge” Rumored

So we’re all very familiar with the Samsung Note 4 Edge (seen in the image above), the “experimental” release of Samsung’s epic achievement dubbed the Note 4. Differing from the Note 4 minimally, other than the edition of a significant slope on the right hand side, where an independent curved screen occupies otherwise wasted space. Samsung’s goal was to push the boundaries, innovate at rapid pace, it’s sort of what they excel at. They may at times not do it the best, but they tend to do it first in the world of Android. And that’s the best way to win over the hearts of the tech savvy about 50% of the time in my opinion. Those are great odds, when you’re in the business of selling smartphones.

The rumor…

Not much info, if any, for specifications and dimensions are available. What we do think to be true is there’s at least an S6 variant with two sides of curved touch screen. Complete with all the bells and whistles currently found in the Note 4 Edge’s curved “smart bezel.” For those unfamiliar with the features of the Note 4 Edge’s unique abilities, they consist of exactly everything you’d expect it to. Quick glances of sports scores, your favorite contacts with shortcuts, weather at a glance, shortcuts to smart bezel widgets, like flashlight, stopwatch, timer, ruler!, and many more shortcuts. Third parties (root tweaks) will add further functionality throughout the lifespan of the device, and to its beautiful edge. These tweaks will ideally be mirrored over to the proposed Galaxy S6 Edge(s). And that my friends, is when some really special things will happen in the world of Samsung Galaxy root tweaks.

Unique Features

The “Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge(s)”, or SM-G925 as the rumors say, will have unique features not found in its single curved display sibling the Note 4 Edge, and that’s the ability to swap between the two panels as the main panel depending on right or left hand preferences. And maybe a proximity sensor will be included in order to switch the panels on the fly, versus selecting one as default.

The other neat thought in the world of feature set rumors is that the S6 Edge(s) (this is what I’ve nicknamed it, there’s no official marketing term for it yet) will feature the ability to have mini light shows wrap around the handsets edge and face when specific callers attempt to contact you. So when Mom calls it may be set-up to flash red, and when your lover calls the outer edges will flash blue. That’s just one example, and the user is expected to set up preferences per contact.

Brass Tax

The addition of a doubled edged Samsung S6 would undeniably be hugely popular amongst consumers. Because it’s cutting edge, and for no other reason. But what could go wrong? I have a couple opinions on that matter. It could greatly decrease the integrity of the screen, as metal or reinforced plastic bezels are obviously a stronger option than most screen material variants. Also pushing more pixels is going to strain the processor, unless they employ separate cores or entire sub-processors to dedicate themselves to running the side screens. Let’s not even get into the potential battery drain…

Look, honestly I’m super amped about the idea of this phone especially if they drag over the build quality from the Galaxy Alpha and the Note 4, but releasing products before they’re polished is also a drawback of Samsung’s rapid innovation approach. For the sake of all Samsung fans everywhere, and the help desk employees associated with them, I hope Samsung releases new tech in battery conservation, screen strengthening procedures, and something to cover the additional processing required to emulate two additional micro-monitors on a single handset.

There is no timeframe, as Samsung releases products fairly will-nilly, meaning we could see it tomorrow, we could see it during the next press event, or we could never see it. But at this point, all reports point to an “Edge” version of the S6 coming out this year.

source [Sammobile]

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