Want to Downgrade an Application? AppDowner to the Rescue

Want to Downgrade an Application? AppDowner to the Rescue

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Application updates usually bring various improvements and bug fixes that take the newly updated app one step closer to perfection. Well, the key word here is ‘usually,’ since developers occasionally take two steps back when taking one step forward. This includes additions such as crippleware, new bugs, and much more.

The best solution to avoid the aforementioned situation would be downgrading to the older version of the app. However, that’s not possible using the adb install command. Removing an app and installing it back is not an option as well, because of app data loss. XDA Senior Member pyler found a solution for such this issue and made AppDowner. Pyler’s app can downgrade other applications without uninstalling them or losing data. Getting into the technical side, AppDownren uses the pm install -r -d file.apk command of Unix systems, which is able to install the older version of the application over a newer one. It might be (but hopefully not too often) useful for some XDA members.

To install an app, you need to select the APK from your local storage–yes, you obviously need to have the old version saved–and tap on the Install APK button. AppDowner will do everything for you. No cables, commands, or other tricks are needed in order to get this done.

Are you in need of an application downgrade? Visit the AppDowner thread to learn more about this tool.