Download links for the ASUS ROG Phone II’s Android 10 beta are now online

Download links for the ASUS ROG Phone II’s Android 10 beta are now online

ASUS is one of the smartphone brands that has improved the most during 2019. The launch of the ZenFone 6 was certainly one that caught us off guard: it provided flagship performance on a budget, and what’s better, they got rid of all of ZenUI’s bloat, with the newer version of ZenUI being very, very close to stock Android. It went on to become one of ASUS’s biggest smartphone hits – at least among smartphone enthusiasts – in a while. Then we saw them release the ASUS ROG Phone II, which is a total powerhouse of a device, powered by a Snapdragon 855+, up to 12GB of RAM, and a 120Hz display. It also brought the same software that made the ZenFone 6 so great. Now, after pushing the Android 10 update for the ZenFone 6 and 5Z, ASUS is gearing up to roll out the update for the ROG Phone II. Before that happens, the device is first receiving a beta update to Android 10.



The Android 10 update for the ASUS ROG Phone II comes with all the software features that you should expect from the latest Android release. It also comes with the December 2019 security patches and no UI changes – it is still based on ZenUI 6. Of course, being in a beta state, there are a few bugs that you should be aware of, including the inability to answer calls properly while on game mode as well as the inability to open the icon manager without crashing SystemUI. These are risks that you should acknowledge before trying to flash it to your device.

If you’re not comfortable with beta software, then you may very well wait for a stable update to roll out which, given how we already have a beta, shouldn’t be much longer. If, however, you’re dying to try Android 10 on your device, then you should hop ahead and download it to your device now. After downloading the below file, rename it to and then put on the root of the internal storage and then restart. If you have a rooted phone, check out this thread in our forums for methods to keep root access.

Download Android 10 Beta for the ROG Phone II

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