Download Buddy for Android

Download Buddy for Android

XDA member pentace presents this interesting application for your Android device. Download Buddy will let you download in two different modes; the first one will let you download any file type using a link in a email or message or from the web browser to any location selected, and the second one focuses in downloading any type of attachment on your email. You can also select if you want to automatically open/save the downloaded file. Working for Android 1.6 and up and can be found on the Market.
As this is the first version, some bugs are expected, so please leave feed back so the developer can improve future versions.


Originally posted by pentace
[APP] Download Buddy New Download App on the Market

The new App is called Download Buddy. The app should support any android device 1.6 and above. This app is a combination of 2 different services. The first service will allow you to download any email attachment to your phone whether it is supported or not. It will save the file using the original file name and to the directory of your choice. It has support for using rd party browsers for picking the directory or manually typing it. The second service allows you to download any file type using a link in a email or message or from the web browser, again this will allow you to download the file anywhere you want not just the default folder android normally forces you to. It also comes with a download manager similar to the one the web browser currently uses. Both services will save your last chosen directory as the default to save to until you decide to change it. Both services also include an option to automatically launch and or open the file after downloading it.

You can find more information in the application thread.

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