Download: Here are all the new Motorola Edge 30 Neo wallpapers

Download: Here are all the new Motorola Edge 30 Neo wallpapers

Motorola is taking its sweet time announcing the Edge 30 Neo, codenamed Miami, formerly known as the Moto Edge 30 Lite. We covered the device back in March, along with other handsets in the same lineup. While the details were pretty slim, the Edge 30 Neo looked like a mid-range device, reportedly packing a Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 processor and a 6.28-inch OLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate. It also offered a 64MP primary camera paired with a 13MP ultra-wide lens and a 32MP selfie camera. While Motorola has yet to announce the Motorola Edge 30 Neo, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy its wallpapers which have now been extracted from the device’s firmware.


Motorola Edge 30 Neo wallpapers

The Motorola Edge 30 Neo will ship with 37 static wallpapers in total. But there are four device-specific wallpapers: Black Onyx, Very Peri, Aqua Foam, and Ice Palace. Each of these will be matched with their respective devices, which will be an exclusive wallpaper for that device. For example, if you purchase a Black Onyx handset, you will exclusively have access to the Black Onyx wallpaper. Luckily, you won’t have to purchase the device to access the wallpapers, which come in a resolution of 1080 x 1200 and can be seen below.

Although the Motorola Edge 30 Neo has its own wallpapers, it also has common wallpapers that are shared with other Motorola devices. So if you see something familiar, that’s why. Regardless, there are some interesting designs, so it’s always worth sharing it again, just in case you missed some of these the first time around. The wallpapers have a resolution of 1080 x 2400.

There is also another set of common wallpapers in the firmware, but these offer a different resolution coming in at 1080 x 1200. These also have a light and dark theme, perfect when you’re trying to match your background to your mood or maybe just the system theme on your Android device.

The final batch of wallpapers has a higher resolution, coming in at 3840 x 2160, perfect for a device with a higher resolution display. There are a total of 13 wallpapers featuring unique shapes and also beautiful landscapes.

The final wallpaper in the group is commonly found in other Motorola handsets. While not too exciting, it is a nice mix of colors, and it could potentially offer a lot of pop on an OLED display.

The Motorola Edge 30 Neo does not come with any live wallpapers but does offer a good variety of static ones and some exclusives. If you found any of the wallpapers exciting, you can download the set using the link below.

Download the Motorola Edge 30 Neo wallpapers

Do you like these wallpapers? Which one of them is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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