Download the Motorola Razr’s Retro App, Live Wallpapers, and more

Download the Motorola Razr’s Retro App, Live Wallpapers, and more

Foldable phones were a big story in 2019 but one brand stole the show with a heavy dose of nostalgia. Samsung’s Galaxy Fold may be a bigger, more powerful foldable, but it doesn’t have the same name recognition as the iconic razr. Motorola is well aware of this and they included several goodies to amp it up.

The foldable Motorola Razr comes with a Quick Setting to enable a “retro” mode. This is essentially a launcher (though it can’t be set as the default launcher) that mimics the look of the old Razr flip phones. That means the top half of the screen doesn’t react to touch and the bottom half is number keys and shortcut buttons.


If you’re interested in trying the retro razr app as well as the live wallpapers, stock wallpapers, boot animation, and stock audio, you can download them thanks to XDA Recognized Contributor acervenky. As mentioned, the retro mode is a Quick Setting toggle, so you’ll have to add it to your Quick Settings to use it. The download links and thread are listed below.

Retro Razr App | Stock Live Wallpaper | Blue Mod Live Wallpaper
Stock Static Wallpapers | Boot Animation | Stock Audio

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