Download OnePlus 6T wallpapers for all, live wallpapers for OnePlus 6

Download OnePlus 6T wallpapers for all, live wallpapers for OnePlus 6

With the release of the OnePlus 6T, there’s a number of goodies that existing OnePlus 6 owners can enjoy. Along with a new navigation gesture, you can also get some sweet live wallpapers! An interesting thing that OnePlus has done this time around is that they have created live wallpapers which activate momentarily when you unlock your device. If you don’t own a OnePlus 6, you can still enjoy the high-quality wallpaper stills made by Hampus Olsson.

Download OnePlus 6T Wallpapers by Hampus Olsson

If you don’t plan on picking up OnePlus’ latest flagship but like the look of their wallpapers, you can get them here for your device. There are 8 wallpapers in total, with 4 of them being from the OnePlus 6 released earlier this year. To view the wallpapers, simply click or tap on them to expand the gallery. It is recommended that you download the uncompressed OnePlus 6T wallpapers from the link below, though. The OnePlus 6T wallpapers are 1080×2340 resolution.


Download OnePlus 6T Wallpapers

Download OnePlus 6T Live Wallpapers for OnePlus 6

OnePlus did something special with their latest flagship, and that was to introduce three live wallpapers that you can show off on your phone. They aren’t your conventional live wallpapers either – they activate when you unlock your device with a small movement, and then remain fixed until you lock and unlock your phone again. They’re pretty cool, but sadly, only work on the OnePlus 6 running OxygenOS 9 based on Android Pie as it needs to be installed on top of the existing “OPWallpaperResources” system app.

You can download it for your OnePlus 6 below. These live wallpapers have been ripped straight from the OnePlus 6T’s and are completely unmodified.

Download OnePlus 6T Live Wallpapers

Here’s a screen recording showing off the three live wallpapers as well as the new unlock animations for the in-display fingerprint scanner on the OnePlus 6T.

If you’re interested in learning more about the OnePlus 6T, be sure to check out our new forums for the device below.

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