Download: The OnePlus 7 Pro’s Camera and Gallery apps bring new features to older OnePlus phones

Download: The OnePlus 7 Pro’s Camera and Gallery apps bring new features to older OnePlus phones

The OnePlus 7 Pro was finally announced earlier this week (our review). Android fans have been on the hunt for any features they can scavenge from the device before it’s released. We already shared the official wallpapers, now it’s time for some actual apps from the device. The OnePlus 7 Pro’s Camera and Gallery apps can add new features to older OnePlus phones running Android Pie. If you have an older OnePlus device, check out the download links below.

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First up, version 3.2.91 of the OnePlus Camera app. This new version reorganizes the settings, removes Smile Capture, renames “Auto Nightscape Scene Detection” to “Smart Content Detection,” and adds new “Customized modes.” The Customized modes setting allows you to reorder the modes that appear in the bottom bar of the camera app.


The Camera app also now has Pixel-like Google Lens integration. The Lens icon has been replaced by the long-press functionality. Just tap and hold anywhere on the viewfinder to bring up Lens. It also works in the background and offline, so if you have it enabled you’ll see suggestions pop up on the viewfinder.

Download OnePlus Camera 3.2.91

Next is version 3.2.7 of the OnePlus Gallery app. This update brings the new carousel interface for “Collections.” Collections is OnePlus’ place for all your on-device folders, such as screenshots. It now has a much cleaner and easier to navigate UI. The media viewer has also been slightly tweaked. The “Favorite” button has been moved up top and changed to a heart. The date the media was taken is now shown up top as well.

Download OnePlus Gallery 3.2.7

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