Download the official OnePlus 8 wallpapers in 4K resolution!

Download the official OnePlus 8 wallpapers in 4K resolution!

The OnePlus 8 and the OnePlus 8 Pro were announced in the U.S. yesterday. Both the phones instantly command attention for their beguiling designs, new curved Fluid AMOLED displays, full-fledged 5G support, and much more. But with the advancements in its specifications, the prices of the new phones are pushing their way into the flagship territory, making them out of bounds for a lot of people including existing OnePlus users. You can, however, douse your desire of owning the OnePlus latest flagships by downloading the exclusive wallpapers from the device.

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Usually, we share wallpapers extracted from the phone but the case here is different. These wallpapers are not just shared but also created by a multi-disciplinary artist named Hampus Olsson who has officially made the wallpapers for the company since the OnePlus 2.

You can download all of the OnePlus 8 wallpapers together in the ZIP linked below or visit Olsson’s website to download individual wallpaper in the standard resolution as per the Pro’s display or 4K resolution including different versions with or without the new “Never Settle” positioning. You can also download these and about 300 other high-quality 4K wallpapers using Olsson’s wallpaper app called “Abstruct,” which is available for free on the Google Play Store. Note that the wallpapers above are compressed for lighter file size and we recommend download from one of the links below.

Download OnePlus 8 4K wallpapers (zip)

In the blog, Olsson describes these OnePlus 8 wallpapers were created on the principles of “abstract art, minimalism, futurism, 3D and open compositions” with the objective of being “bold, clean, borderless” to match the phones’ aura while also accommodating space for animations. The Pro also supports dynamic live wallpapers which are optimized to run at 120fps on the 120Hz display. But, the artist created only one of the live wallpapers, so the ZIP linked above only has static wallpapers.

Once again, while these wallpapers can be downloaded and used by anyone, you cannot use them for a commercial purpose.

Abstruct - Wallpapers in 4K

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