Download: OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro receive Android 11 Developer Preview 4-based OxygenOS 11 builds with September 2020 patches

Download: OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro receive Android 11 Developer Preview 4-based OxygenOS 11 builds with September 2020 patches

OxygenOS 11, i.e. the upcoming iteration of OnePlus’ custom skin has already raised some eyebrows due to its revamped design language. The new UI was first unveiled through the third “Developer Preview” build of Android 11 for the OnePlus 8 series. Although DP3 was supposed to be the final Developer Preview build, OnePlus has now come up with yet another build based on Android 11 beta. Those running the DP3 build on their OnePlus 8/8 Pro are now receiving Developer Preview 4 as an incremental update.

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Apart from fixing numerous bugs, the latest DP build of OxygenOS 11 revamps the built-in Gaming Mode by introducing features like floating window and accidental touch prevention. Moreover, OnePlus has managed to ship September 2020 Android security patches through this update, albeit the changelog doesn’t mention anything about it.


Thanks to XDA Senior Member jeffsga88 for the screenshot!

The complete changelog of this update is as follows:

  • System
    • Optimized display effects with some UI
    • Optimized the lagging issue under some settings
    • Optimized the stability with the upload of log in Community
    • Optimized delayed response issue with pull-down of the status bar
    • Fixed the crash/reboot issue under some settings
    • Fixed the all black issue with status bar in dark mode
    • Fixed the bug that system cannot be re-started after OTA upgrade
    • Fixed the disabled “save” feature of screenshot
  • Game space
    • Newly added gaming tools box for convenient switches of Fnatic mode, WeChat, QQ and Screen Recorder at one place (Enable it by swiping down from upper right/left corners of the screen in gaming mode)
    • Newly added mis-touch prevention feature. Enable it, swipe down from the top of the screen, click and the notification bar will pop out
  • Gallery
    • Fixed the abnormal increase of brightness when entering the Gallery
    • Fixed the incomplete screenshot issue in some cases
  • Shelf
    • Fixed the issue that background of weather did not display
  • Network
    • Improved the performance and stability of network transfers

Download: Android 11 Developer Preview 4 with OxygenOS 11 Design and Features for the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro

You can download the builds from the links below:

Download OxygenOS 11 (Android 11 Developer Preview 4): OnePlus 8 || OnePlus 8 Pro

After downloading the appropriate package for your phone, go to Settings > System > System Updates, and then click on the top-right icon and select “Local Upgrade” option. From there, select the update package that you have downloaded and proceed.

It is worth mentioning that you probably need a new set of downgrade packages to revert back to the stable release channel. The existing ZIPs (listed below) might not be sufficient due to their older compilation timestamps.

Downgrade package download links:

Thanks to XDA Senior Member Some_Random_Username for providing the download links!

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