Download: OnePlus Gallery from Android Q DP3 adds a shortcut to hide photos

Download: OnePlus Gallery from Android Q DP3 adds a shortcut to hide photos

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Android Q is set to arrive next month and multiple brands including OnePlus have been working on bringing the latest Android version to their users apace. OnePlus recently launched the third OxygenOS Developer Preview for the OnePlus 7/7 Pro as well as the OnePlus 6/6T with a slew of new customization features. Besides fundamental upgrades in the interface, the company is also polishing the existing apps for a smoother experience. The OnePlus Gallery from the latest Android Q Developer Preview build has seen some nice improvements and the latest update brings the ability to hide pictures from being shown on the app’s main screen.

The feature comes with the OnePlus Gallery 3.4.4, which is from the Android Q DP3. To hide these images, you can tap on the three-dot button on the top right corner in the image view and then on “Hide.” All of the hidden pictures are placed together in the Hidden Collection section, which does not have any protection features as of now. We can hope that OnePlus does something in this respect in the near future.

To access the hidden images, you can go to the main screen in the OnePlus Gallery app and tap on the kebab (3-dot) button. Citing the lack of security associated with this feature, we do not recommend hiding any sensitive image with this option. For now, space can be useful if you want to clean up your collection of images.

Although the app is available on the Google Play Store, it currently has an older version. You will only see the option to hide the images in the version 3.4.4 (i.e. the one extracted from Android Q DP3). To try it out, you can grab the APK from the link below and install it on your OnePlus smartphone.

OnePlus Gallery v. 3.4.4 (57MB)

Meanwhile, the Screen Recorder and the Game Space system apps from the OxygenOS DP3 are also available for download.

Via: Android Police

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