Download OPPO’s ColorOS live wallpapers on any Android device

Download OPPO’s ColorOS live wallpapers on any Android device

Earlier this month, OnePlus rolled out the first OxygenOS 11 Open Beta for the OnePlus 8 Series. Soon after the release, XDA Recognized Contributor linuxct managed to extract the new live wallpaper in the build and ported it for all Android devices. Now, just a week since the OxygenOS 11 Live Wallpaper was released, linuxct is back again with another set of live wallpapers; this time from OPPO’s ColorOS.

These new live wallpapers have been extracted from ColorOS 7, and they can be installed on any Android device running Android 8.0 Oreo and later. The wallpapers have been divided into six separate packages, including Day & Night, Light Flow, Fluid Smoke, Organic, Moon, and Smoke. Each package contains a couple of live wallpapers that offer different color variations and animations.


The Day & Night package contains three live wallpapers with different representations of day and night. These wallpapers change color based on the current time of day and feature some animated elements. The Light Flow package consists of one live wallpaper that slowly changes colors with time. The Fluid Smoke package includes a wallpaper that brings up a colorful ball of fluid smoke when you touch the display. The fluid smoke moves around as you swipe your finger across the display and its colors also change based on the movement.

The Organic package consists of four live wallpapers with different color and shape variations that move around when you interact with your phone. The Moon package includes one wallpaper that reacts to your device’s orientation. When tilted sideways to the right, Earth’s shadow obscures the Moon’s surface, and when tilted left, all of the Moon’s surface is exposed. And finally, the Smoke package includes four live wallpapers with different color variants. Three of the four wallpapers also feature animations that are triggered when you swipe on your homescreen. Check out the thread linked above to see all the wallpapers included in this release.

You can download these new live wallpaper packages from the XDA Forums thread linked below. Once you have the respective APKs installed on your device, you’ll be able to apply the live wallpapers from your device’s stock wallpaper picker. In case you’re not able to do so, you will have to download the Google Wallpapers app from the Play Store to use these wallpapers.

Download ColorOS Live Wallpapers

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