Download the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G wallpapers

Download the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G wallpapers

While we’re all wooing over the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Samsung’s first commercially available foldable phone, but there’s one more upcoming Samsung device that deserves our attention: the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. Despite what it might seem like at first, it’s not just a Galaxy S10+ with 5G. Things like a bigger display, a quad rear camera setup, 3D face recognition, and, of course, 5G connectivity, put the Galaxy S10 5G apart as a different beast of its own. It’s also one of the first devices bringing 5G to the masses. If you’re not getting one but still dig the look, the stock wallpapers have now been pulled, and you can download them and try them out on your device right now. Here are thumbnails of the 3 new wallpapers, but we highly recommend you to download them in full resolution.

You can check them out in our Galaxy S10 forums right now.

Download the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G’s wallpapers now!

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