Download the new Windows 11 SE wallpaper here

Download the new Windows 11 SE wallpaper here

Microsoft has announced its new version of Windows aimed at K-8 students, Windows 11 SE. While there’s a lot about it that’s different from Windows 11 proper, you’re not going to be able to get your hands on it. It requires a new laptop, and those devices, such as the Surface Laptop SE, are only sold through educational sales channels. One thing that you can get right now, however, is the all-new Windows 11 SE Bloom wallpaper.

Windows 11 SE Bloom wallpaper

Windows 11 SE Bloom wallpaper (compressed)

It’s similar to the Bloom wallpaper that already comes in Windows 11, but instead of being all blue, it comes in different colors like pink, yellow, purple, red, and blue. The above image is compressed, and you can download the uncompressed version from the link below.


Download the uncompressed Windows 11 SE wallpaper

If you haven’t heard about Windows 11 SE yet, it’s a stripped down version of the OS that’s aimed at K-8 students, and it lives alongside the firm’s other educational offerings. It gives up things like the Microsoft Store and Widgets, and you’ll find that apps open full-screen. Even Snap Layouts only show options for two apps at a time. The whole idea is to make the experience simpler for kids.

Another feature of the new OS is that files will automatically save to the cloud. That way, students won’t lose their work. But also, it makes it a lot easier for kids to switch between devices. They’ll still be able to work offline in case they’re in a place with no connectivity.

Microsoft even announced a $249 Surface Laptop SE that will ship with the new OS. Of course, we’re also going to see devices from most of the company’s partners, and they should start at a similar price point.

But while Windows 11 SE does require a brand-new PC, you don’t have to be an elementary school student to use the wallpaper on your Windows 11 proper PC. All you have to do is download it from the link above.

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