Download: Xiaomi MiMojis ported for Android 5.0+ devices

Emoticons were all we had to convey emotions back when the internet was first beginning to mature. These were a textual representation of a facial expression using characters (usually punctuation marks, numbers, and letters) that helped people share emotions on places like newsgroups and AOL. In October of 2010, the emoticons block was introduced in Unicode Standard version 6.0 which actually showed images and was the start of the more traditional emoji that we are used to seeing today. Lately, personalized and animated emojis are becoming popular with Apple’s Animoji, Samsung’s AR Emoji, and Xiaomi’s MiMojis. This feature was launched with the Xiaomi Mi 8 but has now been ported to all Android 5.0+ devices.

The Xiaomi MiMoji reminds me more of Apple’s Animoji as it uses cartoonish characters instead of the route Samsung went with a more humanized look. Either way, these features have become quite popular among those who like to have fun with their friends. Now XDA Recognized Contributor & Social Contributor linuxct has brought the Xiaomi MiMoji feature to more than just Xiaomi devices with its universal port. The developer says the app should work on all Android 5.0+ devices that are running an ARM chipset, so be aware of that before you try it on your device.

Some older devices are said to display poor previews of the animations but after testing the exported video should look just fine. We’re also told that face tracking isn’t that great and that this is likely due to Xiaomi rushing the feature out and has nothing to do with it being a port at all.

App features:

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