Don’t Miss this Black Friday Sale on the Dreametech L10Pro Robot Vacuum

Don’t Miss this Black Friday Sale on the Dreametech L10Pro Robot Vacuum

Don’t get stuck spending all of your time cleaning this holiday season. Take advantage of this great Black Friday sale to get yourself a new robot vacuum at a super low price. Equipped with the latest robot vacuum technology, the Dreametech L10Pro will keep your floors clean while integrating with your existing smart home system. This vacuum will map out a detailed floorplan of your home or apartment, and recognize different rooms and obstacles. You can save 25% on this powerful cleaning tool when you order on Amazon.

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Get the Dreametech L10Pro on Amazon 


Regular Price: $489.99

Black Friday Price: $389.99
Black Friday Price when combined with coupon: $365.49

With 4,000Pa of high suction power, the Dreametech L10Pro is an ideal solution for many different types of flooring. The robot can detect carpet and hardwood floors and adjust the suction power accordingly. This will ensure that your floors get a thorough clean on a regular basis. Four different modes for suction power are enabled by the powerful brushless motor, which can collect up to 570ml of dust before needing to be emptied.

After the robot has mapped out a detailed layout of your home, using the Lidar Navigation system, your robot is ready to use the customized cleaning tools. Assign specific rooms to be cleaned, set schedules, use voice commands, and more. The level of control you have over this robot is simplified with app controls that let you customize your cleaning schedules.

Advanced obstacle avoidance will help your L10Pro avoid getting tangled up in places it shouldn’t be. Real-time perception recognizes and high precision 3D technology will identify 100+ obstacles. This will result in a smooth and uninterrupted cleaning session.

Vacuuming is only the first half of what this robot is capable of. The included water tank and mopping pads let you effortlessly switch the mopping mode. Get a spotless clean across your hardwood floors with the mop feature, and fill up the tank as needed. The 5200 mAh battery will allow for 150 minutes of working time before the robot will self-dock and recharge.

If you’ve been looking for a great price on a robot vacuum with the newest smart home features, the Dreametech L10Pro Black Friday sale is the perfect opportunity. Get the Dreametech L10Pro on Amazon.

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