Dreame T30 vs Dyson V11: Here’s why you should buy Dreame!

Dreame T30 vs Dyson V11: Here’s why you should buy Dreame!

Since all of us have been staying indoors for the past year or so, it’s become more important than ever to keep our surroundings clean. Be it dust entering through the window, kids spilling food, or just pet hair flying around in your house, the best way to clean everything up and make sure your environment is neat and tidy is by using a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners have powerful suction and sophisticated filters that can make the cleaning process quite easy compared to manual cleaning or sweeping. Especially if you have a carpeted floor, vacuums are the best way to go about cleaning it.


Vacuum Cleaner

If you’ve decided to get yourself a vacuum to clean your house, office, or just about any enclosed area or surface, you may get confused with the number of options available to you. There are different kinds of vacuum cleaners like traditional vacuums that need to be plugged into an outlet for power, robot vacuums that can go around your house by themselves and can be controlled via an app, and handheld or cordless vacuums that are battery operated. The ones we’re discussing today belong to the last category, meaning they’re cordless vacuums that don’t have to be plugged in all the time while cleaning.

We’re going to take a look at the Dreame T30 and the Dyson V11 and tell you which one outweighs the other and which cordless vacuum is best suited for your needs. Both the Dreame T30 and the Dyson V11 are available at a similar price point but have some key differences that set them apart from each other. If you’re looking to buy a cordless vacuum around the $500 mark, here’s the Dreame T30 vs Dyson V11 comparison to help you decide which one you should get.

Build and Design

Dreame T30 design

Starting off with the way both the vacuums are constructed, The Dreame T30 is slightly lighter and has an overall slimmer look than the Dyson V11. The Dreama T30 weighs in at around 2.8Kg whereas the Dyson V11 is heavier at 3.1Kg making the Dreame slightly easier to handle and operate. Both offer a similar design in terms of changing the brush and accessories on the vacuum to clean different surfaces and areas. The sleek construction of the Dreame T30 also means that it’s easier to maneuver in tight spaces and corners.

Suction Power

Dreame T30 cleaning head

This is one of the most, if not the most important factor when it comes to vacuums as the suction power is what decides how effective the cleaning of the vacuum is going to be. Especially when you have larger particles or dust and stains that are stuck to the floor, higher suction power is vital while cleaning. The Dreame T30 has a suction power of 190 Airwatt which is higher than the 185 Airwatt suction power of the Dyson V11. In simple terms, the Dreama T30 will suck in the dust with more power than the Dyson V11.

Rotations Per Minute

Dreame vs Dyson

Rotations Per Minute or RPM go hand-in-hand with suction power in determining the cleaning effectiveness of the vacuum. The general rule is that the higher the RPM of the motor inside, the better is the cleaning ability of the vacuum. The Dreame T30 can achieve a maximum motor speed of 150,000 RPM which is considerably higher than the 125,000 RPM motor speed that the Dyson V11 can achieve. If you have sticky stains on your floor or a lot of dust in your carpets, the extra RPM is surely going to help.

Dust Canister

Dust Canisters

Vacuums store the dust particles in a canister while cleaning that needs to be emptied after every cleaning session. The Dyson V11 has a canister size of 0.75L while the Dreame T30 has a canister size of 0.6L. The slightly smaller canister size on the Dreame T30 means that you will have to empty a little earlier compared to the V11, but it allows the Dreame to be slightly more compact as mentioned earlier, and also easier to store as a result. However, the cleaner head on the Dyson V11 needs to be removed before emptying the bin which is an added step as compared to the Dreame T30.

Run Time

Runtime on Dyson

Run time is another important aspect of any cordless vacuum since it runs on battery power and hence cannot be used indefinitely unlike vacuums that plug into a wall outlet. Since they run on battery power, the battery needs to be recharged periodically on both these vacuums. However, the Dreame T30 takes the lead in this department with a considerably better runtime of about 90 minutes as compared to the 60 minutes runtime on the Dyson V11. That’s 50% more cleaning time using the Dreame T30 which is a lot of extra time to clean before you have to plug it into the charger.

Display and Controls

Dreame T30 display

Both vacuums have multiple modes that can be changed and controlled using the panel present on top of the handle. There is a button to cycle through the various modes and a screen above it that displays which mode you are in along with the remaining battery levels. The display on the Dreame T30 is an OLED panel that allows for better visibility, especially under harsh lighting conditions. The Dyson V11, on the other hand, has an LCD display but it doesn’t really make that big of a difference especially on a vacuum. What does make a difference, though, is the lock button that’s present on the Dreame T30 which allows you to lock the mode you are in to avoid constantly pressing the button while cleaning. This isn’t present on the Dyson V11 and will surely help reduce the fatigue on your fingers.

Docking Station

Dreame T30 docking station

After using both vacuums, they can be stored in a docking station that comes bundled with the vacuums and can be mounted onto a wall. The Dreame T30 has an integrated charging and docking station, which means resting it inside the dock can also charge the battery on the Dreame T30. With the Dyson V11, the batteries can be charged separately. The Dreame T30 takes about 4 hours to fully charge whereas the Dyson V11 takes about half an hour more.

Cleaning Effectiveness and Maintenance

Dreame T30 vs Dyson V11

Both the Dreame T30 and the Dyson V11 claim to clean up to 99.7% of particles that are up to 0.3 microns in size. You don’t have to be worried about either vacuum as the cleaning efficiency on both is similar. As for the maintenance, the Dreame T30’s filtration system can be completely disassembled and cleaned whereas the cyclones on the Dyson V11 are fixed and cannot be taken apart to be cleaned.


Accessories for Vacuums

The Dreame &30 and the Dyson V11, both come with a similar set of accessories. There’s a roller brush that is used to clean the floor, a secondary cleaner brush, a small nozzle to clean narrow spaces and crevices, and a 2-in-1 brush. The Dreame T30 also has an additional extension hose that can be used to clean places that you cannot reach easily, making cleaning more convenient.

Dreame T30 vs Dyson V11: Which one offers Better Value?

When comparing the Dreame T30 vs the Dyson V11, the Dreame T30 is more affordable than the Dyson V11 and clearly has better features along with stronger suction power, considerably better runtime, a higher RPM for the motors, and is easier to maintain. Overall, the Dreame T30 offers better value when compared to the Dyson V11 and performs better in almost every single aspect. Better features, plus it’s cheaper. What more do you want?

    The Dreame T30 is a cordless handheld vacuum that offers great value for the price. It has 190 Air-watts of suction power and a runtime of up to 90 minutes.

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