Dreaming Battery is a Minimalist Screensaver for Displaying your Battery Level

Dreaming Battery is a Minimalist Screensaver for Displaying your Battery Level

Knowing what the battery percentage of your smartphone is at a glance while it is charging can be quite convenient. Some ROMs will use the color of the LED notification light to convey this information, but it’s a feature not available for every device. That’s why XDA Inactive Recognized Developer xenon92 recently cooked up this free application called Dreaming Battery that uses the built-in screensaver feature in Android to show you how full your current battery is.

The Dreaming Battery application is packed with a number of customization features as well including…

  • Time display can be enabled/disabled as per the preference.
  • Time format can be set between 12 or 24 hours format.
  • Color of the Time can be customized.
  • Battery percentage can be enabled/disabled as per the preference.
  • Color of Battery can be customized.

It should be noted that, by default, Dreaming Battery is only activated when the screen times out and the phone is either docked or charging. This behavior is due to Android’s screensaver feature and is not something the app can control itself. You can download the app from the Google Play Store or check out the official forum thread below.

Also, if you want to try out this custom screensaver on your Huawei or Honor device running EMUI, then you’ll need to follow our tutorial here because EMUI doesn’t allow you to use a custom screensaver by default.

Check out Dreaming Battery in our Apps and Games forum

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