Stream Your Media Files with the New Version of Droid Sync Manager

Stream Your Media Files with the New Version of Droid Sync Manager

Android is a Linux-based operating system, but this fact doesn’t put any limitation on this OS. Android can work with other OSes really nicely thanks to many tools developed by its massive community. Back in May, we talked about Droid Sync Manager, a handy Windows-Android utility that allows users to sync files between your phone and computer. Many things have changed since then, and the project has been updated to version 2.0.6.

With the version bump, lots of new features have been introduced by XDA Recognized Developer OmarBizreh. The most important ones are certainly a changed UI for the Android client, which now follows Material Design UI language and two things related to phone to PC communication. With this new version, you can now stream music and video files directly to your Android device and access the Windows network shared files. These functions might really come in handy when you have a video file available on computer and don’t want to spend an eternity copying the content to your phone or tablet. Many bugs that have been discovered since the initial release have been fixed as well, to make this project as stable as possible.

Droid Sync Manager is a tool that is definitely worth trying if you are using Windows as your main operating system on your PC. With this utility you are getting the most of both OSes since they can now play really nicely together. If you haven’t tried DoidSync yet, it’s a good time to change this. If you already have, then check what’s new. You can learn more about this project by visiting the Droid Sync Manager app thread.

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