Droid Turbo Root Achieved, But Not Ready Yet

Droid Turbo Root Achieved, But Not Ready Yet

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Those who opted for the gargantuan battery of the Nexus 6‘s little brother have cause for celebration today, as the Droid Turbo appears to be rooted! Junior XDA Forum member maiko1 has posted two videos in the Droid Turbo Root Bounty thread, each of which show root level actions being taken on a Droid Turbo. No tutorials or root guides have been produced for independent verification at the time of this writing, but Senior Recognized Developer jcase believes the posts to be genuine based on gut feeling and his prior experiences with the author. At the moment, all we can do is watch and wait with eager anticipation.

In the mean time, Forum Member Ekkoria has provided a convenient “update” thread for all developments in this evolving story (link below).


Video “Proof”

“Rooted Verizon Motorola Droid Turbo – More proof. ADB shell getting root and changing permissions of a root owned block device. Stuff on left is commands for copy paste to avoid one handed typing. Black square covers serial.”


If the prospect of root access is the final nail in the coffin of your decision to pick up a Turbo, Verizon announced a new color option this week: Sapphire Blue. But no matter what your device looks like, rest easy that root access is on the way (though it’s not here yet). We will keep you up to date as guides and tutorials are posted.


What will you do with your Turbo once the root guides drop? Let us know in the comments below, and watch this space for updates!