Dropbox is working on a password manager

Dropbox is working on a password manager

Using a password manager can play an important part in keeping your online accounts safe. There are plenty to choose from in the Google Play Store and now we have one more. Dropbox Passwords is a new password manager from, you guessed it, Dropbox, and it’s in invite-only early access right now.

The design of Dropbox Passwords is very minimal and clean, very similar to the regular Dropbox cloud storage app. As you would expect, the app allows you to store all of your passwords in one easily searchable place. The passwords are synced to your Dropbox account, which means you can access them on a variety of platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and pretty much anywhere you can open a browser.


Dropbox Passwords can also generate passwords for you, which can be great for creating very difficult passwords. Dropbox is using zero-knowledge encryption to store the passwords remotely. This means Dropbox can’t access your passwords and only you can see them. The app listing also says it supports one-click sign in, which likely means it integrates with Android’s Autofill feature like other password managers.

As of right now, Dropbox Passwords is in the Early Access stage and it’s only functional if you receive an invite. We’re not exactly sure how you can receive an invite as the listing simply says “only available to some Dropbox customers” and downloading the app doesn’t offer any further instructions. You may just have to wait to get an invite to your Dropbox account. Are you interested in a password manager from Dropbox?

Dropbox Passwords – Manager

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