Dirty Unicorns Brings Fling, Pulse and SmartBar to Android Oreo ROMs

Dirty Unicorns Brings Fling, Pulse and SmartBar to Android Oreo ROMs

Some of the most popular custom ROM features during the Marshmallow and Nougat eras — Fling, SmartBar and Pulse — came from the bright minds at team Dirty Unicorns via the Dirty Unicorns Interface (DUI), and the enterprising team recently ported them to Oreo. If you’re a fan of swipe gestures, audio visualizers, and a customizeable navigation bar, that’s really good news.

Thanks to the hard work of XDA Recognized Developer Randall Rushing (bigrushdog) and ezio84, DUI has been updated for Android 8.0 and merged into the Dirty Unicorns Gerrit. Though no Oreo Dirty Unicorns builds have been made public yet, folks working on custom ROMs are free to port DUI over to their respective projects (with proper attribution, of course).


If you’re not familiar with DUI, here’s what it offers:

  • Fling: Enables swipe gestures across the bottom of your screen that perform the same actions as navigation buttons. The most common are a single tap to go to your homescreen, a swipe left to replace your back button, or swipe right for the Recents menu.
  • Pulse: An audio visualizer that sits at the bottom of your screen. It works with most popular media players, and can be set to display solid or broken columns that pulse to your phone’s audio.
  • SmartBar: Makes it easy to add, move, or remove navigation bar buttons. You can also customize the appearance of the buttons themselves via Substratum themes, add custom button images from a gallery, or add icons from icon packs. Additionally, you can choose from a list of custom actions for single-tap, double-tap and long-press triggers.

Below is a gallery of Fling, Pulse and SmartBar in action with various options enabled:

All the commits you’ll need to port DUI to your custom ROM project can be found in the Dirty Unicorns Gerrit.

Source: Dirty Unicorns

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