DxO One Camera for Android is Coming Soon

DxO One Camera for Android is Coming Soon

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At this point, DxO Labs’ is a company that has been in the news for a while. The DxOMark camera suite used for evaluating camera quality has proved extremely popular with smartphone OEMs, to the point where it is now expected that they will consult with DxO Labs in an attempt to get a good score on DxOMark, and then promote the same fact in their smartphone launch. We have seen questions rise over the inherent credibility of DxOMark scores. But in this debate, it’s far too easy to forget that DxOMark is not the only product offered by DxO Labs. The company also sells their One camera for the iPhone, and now they have announced that the DxO One camera for Android is coming soon.

The DxO One camera attachment for iPhone was released in June 2015. It consists of a 20MP 1-inch sensor (similar to the Sony RX100 series) with a max aperture of f/1.8 in a pocketable design as it doesn’t have a primary display of its own. It has a small onboard OLED display and it relies on the iPhone’s display for the viewfinder in order to frame photos. It connects to the iPhone via the Lightning port. As it has a 1-inch sensor, it can take better photos than ordinary sensors found in smartphones in many cases, which range in size from 1/2.5-inch to 1/3.1-inch. It also supports RAW photography via Super RAW.

Now, the same camera attachment hardware release for Android has been given the “coming soon” status by DxO Labs. It will connect to Android phones via the now ubiquitous USB-C port, which is found in every Android flagship smartphone as well as being found on most mid-range and budget Android smartphones.

Customers can sign up to find more about DxO One camera for Android, and more details are scheduled to be released on November 2. The camera will be open to “Early Access” users – a program which will be available to the general public, which will start in the coming weeks. A companion version 1.0 of the DxO One mobile app will be released as well. The company said that it planned to use the “Early Access” program to refine the experience before shipping the product with general availability.

Source: DxO Labs