DxOMark Published Their Camera Review of the Xperia XZ Premium (New Protocols), Scores it an 83

DxOMark Published Their Camera Review of the Xperia XZ Premium (New Protocols), Scores it an 83

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There are times in which DxOMark is able to get a camera review out for a smartphone before it’s even released, and then we have those cases where it can take months before something comes out. The company recently revised the way they handle their mobile camera reviews and this week marks the first Sony device to go through these new review protocols. DxOMark has just published their camera review of the Sony Xperia XZ Premium and they gave it an average score of 83.

Interestingly, DxOMark also caught the attention of both iOS and Android fans alike when they published their review of the new iPhones today. The iPhone 8 Plus was able to obtain a score of 94 with these new scoring metrics making it the best smartphone camera the team has ever tested. So many have been wondering how the Sony Xperia XZ Premium would fare, especially considering the device was initially released back in June of this year.

While many OEMs use Sony’s sensors and are able to achieve great camera review scores, it’s been hard for a Sony smartphone to shine in this aspect. DxOMark gave the Xperia XZ Premium an average score of 83 with both the photo (82) and the video (84) test scores being about even. The team conducting this review feels the device is a capable smartphone camera that performs well when the lighting conditions are favorable, but says it is sensitive to harsh lighting conditions outdoors and can be finicky in low-light indoor tests.

When looking at the video side of things, they believe it can also get the job done to an extent, but there tends to be loss of detail and has mediocre stabilization. They did enjoy the 960 FPS slow-motion mode, but overall they said the 19MP sensor didn’t produce better images or video than other phones with lower or similar resolution sensors.

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