DxOMark Mobile Score for the OnePlus 5 is “Coming Soon”

DxOMark Mobile Score for the OnePlus 5 is “Coming Soon”

And it better not be very high...

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One of the marketing points of the OnePlus 5 is its dual rear camera setup. OnePlus opted to go for a 16MP Sony IMX398 with f/1.7 aperture for regular photos, and a 20MP Sony IMX350 with f/2.6 aperture telephoto camera to provide 1.6x optical zoom, and 2x “loss-less” zoom.

The camera was undoubtedly meant to be the highlight of the device. OnePlus had been hyping up the camera performance well before the device was released. They even announced a collaboration with DxO Labs, the company behind DxOMark, in order to improve the camera on the OnePlus 5. A lot of the marketing for the OnePlus 5 also centered around the camera performance, showing off the phone’s bokeh and zoom capabilities.

OnePlus on its official Indian Facebook page announced that the DxOMark mobile score for the OnePlus 5 is coming soon. This particular news is of interest because it will bring to light how extensively OnePlus has “worked” with DxO Labs. Reviewers and early adopters of the OnePlus 5 agree that while the phone can take some good photos, it is not as much of an improvement over its predecessor. The OnePlus 5 is unable to stand against more premium flagships despite considerable efforts from OnePlus, and ultimately, the experience is disappointing precisely because of how much OnePlus played up its capabilities.

DxOMark’s scoring will showcase its own credibility in assessing smartphone cameras. If the DxOMark score for the OnePlus 5 puts it on top of other premium handsets with indisputably superior camera quality, it will become clear that the source is not unbiased in its testing and rating. A high score will tarnish the reputation of DxOMark in our eyes at least, and it will no longer be considered an authoritative voice in its field as far as smartphones are concerned — we certainly won’t treat it as one. A lower DxoMark score will be a better representative of the actual camera prowess of the device, which many would rate as subpar and underwhelming especially in light of the other problems it brings to the device. It’s possible that OnePlus will address some of the camera’s shortcomings, but as Mario Serrafero noted in his First Impressions, it’s ultimately too unreliable with flaws (noise, stabilization) that do substract from the overall experience.

What do you expect from the DxOMark rating? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Facebook — OnePlus