DxOMark: Xiaomi Mi 9 is the best at video, Samsung Galaxy S10+ is the best at selfies

DxOMark: Xiaomi Mi 9 is the best at video, Samsung Galaxy S10+ is the best at selfies

Cameras have become so integral to smartphones and a good smartphone cannot be perfect without being complemented by equally good cameras. Traditionally flagships like the iPhone, those from the Samsung Galaxy S and Note series, and recently, the Google Pixel, have remained at the top in terms of smartphone photography and videography. But lately, we’ve also been seeing consistent improvement in this area from a lot of brands which focus on utility instead of a premium persona.

Xiaomi is one such brand and has been putting out great cameras for almost half the price of these flagships. After the stellar performance of the Mi MIX 3, the latest Xiaomi Mi 9 has been rated very highly on DxOMark’s analysis. While scoring higher than the iPhone XS on DxOMark’s photography face-off, Xiaomi’s Mi 9 has earned the highest score in terms of video.

Xiaomi Mi 9 is best for videos

The experts at DxOMark hail Mi 9 as the “go-to device for mobile videographers” because it shoots in 4K by default. Mi 9’s excellent performance is due to its ability to retain details and textures even indoors and in low light. Further, the camera fares very well when it comes to keeping the amount of noise low, which remains suppressed unless there is a moving object in low light.

dxomark xiaomi mi 9 video

In terms of stabilization, the Mi 9 works impressively, ensuring that the 4K video is stable whether you’re walking with the smartphone or holding it to pan the camera around. The Mi 9 is unbeatable in terms of color reproduction in videos and is only behind the iPhone XS Max in terms of dynamic range and exposure.

Lastly, the DoXMark says that Mi 9 has impeccable auto-focussing and focus-locking. In spite of the occasional blue shading of the shadows, the Mi 9 comes out as the most capable smartphone for videos.

Galaxy S10+ captures the best selfies

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ recently paid a visit to DxOMark and has passed tests for both cameras with flying colors. While securing its position on the top, next to the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and the P20 Pro, in terms of photography using the rear camera, the Galaxy S10+ has also aced DxOMark’s test for selfies. The Galaxy S10+ comes out as the smartphone with “the best front camera performance for both still images and video.”

dxomark selfie samsung galaxy s10+

The Galaxy S10+ captures skin tones very well and this holds good for all lighting conditions. Its front camera focuses accurately, with occasional beating due to the narrow depth of field resulting in softening of details in the background. When it comes to portraits, the S10+ has a realistic and pleasant bokeh effect.

The S10+ is also the best smartphone for videography using the front camera due to its impressive stabilization, focus, detailing, and colors. Apart from the lack of HDR in videos, which may lead to inconsistency in exposure, the Galaxy S10+ is the best smartphone camera for front camera videos.

So, whether you’re a selfie enthusiast or a vlogger, the Galaxy S10+ is a great smartphone for front camera photography and videography. It also surpasses the Google Pixel 3 and Galaxy Note 9 which were the previous leaders in terms of DxOMark’s selfie scores.

Source: Xiaomi Mi 9 camera review by DxOMark
Source: Samsung Galaxy S10+ selfie review by DxOMark

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