DxOMark Reviews the Xiaomi Mi Note 3, Shows Impressive Still Image Performance

DxOMark Reviews the Xiaomi Mi Note 3, Shows Impressive Still Image Performance

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When people discuss Xiaomi smartphones they don’t typically talk about how great the camera is. Granted, a lot of devices that Xiaomi sells are for the low-end and mid-range segment and a great camera isn’t something that is usually expected in that price range. Still, they have a couple of high-end devices and just launched the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 a few months ago. DxOMark was able to get this device in for a review and as far as its overall camera performance is concerned, they feel it ranks right up there next to the original Google Pixel and the HTC U11.

By now we all know that a simple review score doesn’t mean anything no matter what is being reviewed. Even a video game that receives a near perfect review score shouldn’t be taken at face value because there are a lot of different components that make up a game. The same is said with smartphone review scores but especially when evaluating a specific component such as the camera. Still, it’s something that many people value as it helps them get an overall view in relation to other things in the same category.

So when it comes to the camera of the Xiaomi Mi Note 3, DxOMark really feels the still image quality shines here. Their test results show the autofocus is fast, repeatable, and accurate, the exposure is what you would expect, and it has good zoom capabilities. They admire the noise reduction algorithms used in most lighting conditions but state there is some visible noise in homogeneous and shadowy areas in bright light. Their tests show there are some fine details lost in low light conditions, and that some photos show some visible color casts.

While the video side of the test didn’t fair as well as the photo side did, they did note that the white balance is usually accurate with smooth convergence. There was presence of some reasonably effective stabilization, the autofocus was fast, and the autofocus tracking was acceptable. However, there was some detail lost in low light conditions, there was a variation in sharpness on consecutive frames, and frame drops were occasionally visible. You can view the full DxOMark review of the Xiaomi Mi Note 3’s camera at the link below.

Source: DxOMark