E Ink launches Gallery 3 Color ePaper with faster update speeds and more

E Ink launches Gallery 3 Color ePaper with faster update speeds and more

Many of us prefer doing their nightly readings on E Ink tablets. They provide a more natural experience, are gentler on the eyes, and don’t consume much power. However, they come with disadvantages that some users might find annoying. For example, earlier versions of these ePaper tablets only support black and white colors. This shouldn’t be a dealbreaker, though, unless you’re reading colored comic books. Another annoyance is their slow refresh rates. When you turn a page, you might find yourself staring at slow animations. E Ink continues to work on further improving their technology, though, and an upgraded product has just landed. The company has officially launched the Gallery 3 Color ePaper with additions that make reading on these tablets more comfortable.


“E Ink is very excited to announce this significant breakthrough with E Ink Gallery 3,” said Johnson Lee, CEO of E Ink. “For the first time, our Gallery full color ink platform series can be offered for an enhanced reading and shopping experience for eBooks, and for colorful document viewing and editing in eNotes. We have invested over $100 million dollars in R&D resources and budget to improve every aspect of this technology. Our team across the world has worked tirelessly over the past several years, and has made a product we can all be proud of.”

The E Ink Gallery 3 Color ePaper achieves a full-color gamut though cyan, magenta, yellow and white particle ink. It also improves the black and white update speed to 350 ms, with the best color mode requiring 1500 ms. These speeds are a notable bump when compared to the previous generations — as they make an obvious difference to the animations. Apart from the faster speeds, Gallery 3 also supports 300 ppi resolutions, an increase from 150 ppi.

With the release of E Ink Gallery 3, we’re one step closer to achieving a natural digital reading experiencing. And with support for rollable displays, the technology is inching closer towards perfection. These devices contribute significantly less to CO2 emission when compared to paper books and LCD tablets. So we only hope that they become the norm and people’s first choice when it comes to picking a reader.

Do you prefer reading eBooks on LCD or E Ink tablets, and why? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: E Ink Newsroom

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