Early Lollipop Ports for Micromax A116 and A117

Early Lollipop Ports for Micromax A116 and A117

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It feels like it was only yesterday when Google announced the mysterious Android L. After an arduously long wait, source code was release and we’ve now seen numerous Lollipop builds landing on many older and newer devices. Most of these devices use some type of Qualcomm SoC, which is well documented and has fully available source code and documentation.

Many MediaTek-based devices in the past were known in the developer community for their GPL violations. Most devices using this company’s SoCs have incomplete or no kernel source, which makes ROMs and kernels incredibly difficult to develop. Luckily, the situation has quickly begun to change. And now, two XDA Senior Members (kashifmin and Santhosh M) managed to build Lollipop for the MediaTek-based Micromax Canvas Magnus A117 and Micromax Canvas HD A116. However, these ports are still at a very early stage and can’t be considered daily drivers.

Building a stable ROM for the new platform is a challenging task, so we can consider these two semi-working builds as huge successes. Hopefully, the developers will manage to squash all the bugs and soon the Micromax A116 and A117 users will have fully stable Lollipop builds. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

You can follow the development by visiting the CyanogenMod 12.0 for Micromax A117 and CyanogenMod 12.0 for Micromax A116 forum threads.