Easily Disable Annoying WiFi Popup on Verizon Galaxy S III

Easily Disable Annoying WiFi Popup on Verizon Galaxy S III

It’s great when our smartphones automatically suggest us things to make our life easier. However, this convenience can turn into an annoyance when they fail to provide us with a way to disable the feature. Many variants of the Galaxy S III have a feature that shows a pop-up message whenever in range of a known WiFi network, prompting you to connect to it. While this can be disabled from the settings of the other variants, Verizon decided against it for some inexplicable reason. Fortunately though, there is another, less obvious way of easily disabling it on your Verizon Galaxy S III.

Shared with us by by XDA Senior Member ImgBurn, this method involves entering a code to bring up a hidden menu that allows you to disable this popup. You can catch the details at the forum thread.

If you are running a third-party launcher such as Apex that allows custom shortcuts, XDA Senior Member mikec86 has shared with us the method to create a shortcut to easily enable or disable this feature at will, right from your home screen. It can be found in the 4th post of the thread.

Lastly, if you want to disable the persistent ‘Tap to turn WiFi on’ notification when you have WiFi switched off, XDA Senior Member cshort0982 has written a guide for that as well, and its link can be found in the 8th post.

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