Easily Program your Gamepad Buttons with Tincore Keymapper

Easily Program your Gamepad Buttons with Tincore Keymapper

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Gaming is one of the biggest uses of our mobile devices. We have everything that could be found on larger systems in a very compact and convenient package. However, most portable devices lack two rather common features essential for gaming: customization and comfort. Sure, there are apps out there such as SixAxis that will allow you to connect external controllers meant for consoles, and some manufacturers like Sony have implemented this feature on some of their latest Xperia line of devices where DualShock controllers can be connected with ease to the phones. However, this solves only half of the issue, as most of these can be cumbersome to use if the button layout is not right. Well worry not, because XDA Forum Member tincore developed a rather nifty app that makes awkward button layouts a thing of the past.

Tincore keymapper works by defining all the keys/buttons on your external input device, and it allows you to superimpose them atop your game’s touch controls. For instance, let’s assume that you are using a PS4 controller, which has an analog stick. Lets say that, you would like to use the analog stick to swap weapons in a FPS game. The app allows you to set the controller to do just that. Among some of its other features, you can set up more than 1 controller at a time, which may come in handy for 2 player games. And the best part is that it is the app is compatible with a slew of peripherals already including Wiimotes, and it can accept connections via BT or USB with a physical cable.

You can save and share your profiles with others as well. Please make sure that you read all the documentation before getting started because even though the app is relatively simple to use, it can still take you a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the vast amount of commands that can be mixed and matched. If you are ready to take it for a spin, remember that bugs should be reported to the dev. All in all… game on!

You can find more information in the application thread.